Timeout when connecting to Solr server using biblibre's Solr module


We have set up a Solr server on AWS and are having trouble getting Omeka S to connect to it using the Solr module.

Specifically, we are getting the following message:

Solr HTTP Error 28: ‘Timeout was reached’

Although Omeka S seems unable to connect, we’re fairly sure we have things set up correctly on the AWS side, and are able to connect to it directly without a problem from multiple locations.

I have seen some suggestions elsewhere (not Omeka-specific) that increasing the timeout time is a good first step, but would love to hear if anyone else has ideas beyond that.


SolrClient’s default timeout is 30 seconds. I doubt increasing it will solve your problem.

Did you try to connect to Solr from the same machine as Omeka, but with different tools ? curl for instance

Julian’s suggestion is a good one, to see if curl connects. If it hangs or times out also when trying to connect to your Solr URL then it’s likely a general connectivity problem from the one host to the other rather than anything Omeka specific or specific to the module.

That’d be my first guess at the problem in this case: the Solr server simply not allowing connections from the Omeka server, whether that restriction is coming from the configured AWS security groups, a firewall on the Solr server, or elsewhere.