Timeline text-content display

Kia ora,

I’m using the Timeline module, but am having an issue where the accompanying text (“t1-text-content” element) is not presenting in full ie they’re all ending with ‘…’ They’re not particularly long, imo, but is there a word limit I just haven’t seen anywhere? I’ve put the text in dc:description in both the item and media, but both have the same issue.

I’m wondering if it is similar to needing to specify the starting slide with json. Do I need to specify the slide content container dimensions?

Any help/suggestions would be great!

Hi! First off, I assume you’re talking about the Timeline plugin for Omeka Classic, correct, not an Omeka-S module?

We recently updated the Timeline plugin to have an option in the Timeline metadata to truncate text, which makes each slides Title/Description fields fit within the slide without scrolling, and cuts off the remaining text with an … ellipsis.

In other words, the … should only be appearing if ‘Truncate’ is selected in the Timeline metadata. Can you make sure this Truncate setting is un-checked, refresh the public timeline page and confirm that the … is still appearing?

Thanks for replying :slight_smile: It is the Omeka-S timeline that we are using Daniel-KM / Omeka-S-module-Timeline · GitLab

The length may be set by js/css.