Timeline issues with Error 410 Gone

Hi all,

I patched our server recently and now we have 3 collections that are displaying this error while accessing the timeline feature.

“ERROR: Error [410 Gone] fetching sheets data.”

I googled omeka and this error and found a few other sites responding with that same error. I searched through the Omeka troubleshooting section and did not find anything.

You can replicate what I see by going here: http://reconstructingvirginia.richmond.edu/
Then point at Timelines and then choose one of the years in the drop-down box. Or you can just click here to see the error in action: http://reconstructingvirginia.richmond.edu/1868

I am running Omeka 2.2.2 on 2 of the collections and 2.4.1 on the other.

Has anyone else seen this?


Rick Neal

This seems like it’s an issue with TimelineJS… probably it’s having trouble accessing the underlying spreadsheet (I think they’re Google sheets?).

Omeka probably doesn’t really have anything specifically to do with this problem.

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