Timeline error: configuration has no events on Omeka S 3.0

I’m using Timeline v on Omeka S v3.0.

I don’t see any errors in the the console and no errors when tested:

  • /api/timeline/id got {"dateTimeFormat":"iso8601","events":[]}
  • /timeline/id/events.json, got JSON data.

Not sure if the problem in data loading or rendering, any helps are greatly appreciated.

You need to have items with a well written date in the right property. Is it the case ?

sorry for the delay in reply. The issue was the items were not visible and item set was not pubic.

Our researchers have started adding the contents on the production site, but the site is not ready to launch yet, so it is still set to private.

We noticed when the site is set as private, the timeline is not working, got this js error:

Failed to load json data form /api/timeline/id

And error logs:

Doctrine\ORM\EntityNotFoundException: Entity of type 'Omeka\Entity\SitePage' for IDs id(8) was not found in /omeka-s/vendor/doctrine/orm/lib/Doctrine/ORM/EntityNotFoundException.php:47

When we change the site to public, the timeline starts working.

So in order to get timeline display, the site and items all need to be public, is that correct?

Thanks again.

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