TIFF files not showing through Big Picture theme


I am looking for some advice about a problem I am having with the Big Picture theme.

Basic info:
Omeka 3.0
PHP 7.4.3
OS: Linux Ubuntu 20.04.3
MYSQL Server: 10.3.34
“” Client: 7.4.3
Apache 2.4.41
Omeka is currently running through VirtualBox to localhost so I can learn how things work before making my production server through Linux Mint.

I am setting up a archival collection for my honours project. The scanned material has all been created as .TIFF files, about 50/50 300DPI or 400DPI with the maximum file size upload on the server being 128mb (these files can get big).
My TIFF files show up fine in Thanks, Roy & Berlin, but for some reason, TIFFs do not show up in Big Picture at all. Thumbnails are created perfectly fine, converted to JPG’s, and the TIFF files exist on the server but no image. I could download the TIFF file, but I think after some tinkering on the server, I can no longer download the file. I can upload and see JPG’s, but given the 4,000+ item collection has all been scanned to the above specs, converting the whole collection to JPG is out of the question.

I have enabled error logging for both the website, and the log file but nothing shows up when I reboot the server.
I am at a complete loss as to what is happening, and I dread that it is a simple .ini switch I didn’t flick.

Any advice would be most appreciated.

Can you share a link to a page showing the problem?

Since you say it works on other themes, I don’t think this is a settings problem or something like that, but probably just a difference in how Big Picture is displaying the images.

The issue is quite likely to be that since the TIFFs here are images, Big Picture is trying to use their original file to display them directly in the browser, as it does with other kinds of images. But most browsers can’t natively display TIFFs. It’s something that should be adjustable in the Big Picture code to account for this and use the derivative images (like “fullsize”) in this case, like other themes do always.

Hi jflatnes,

Thank you for the reply, I have no idea how to share a link to my localhost server - still learning the ropes here.
However, it is good to know it sounds like something adjustable in the theme code. Without being able to share a link, would you know off the top of your head which code file handles image and derivatives?

Thanks again.

Hi again,

I went through and had a look at the show.php file for items and changed 'getWebPath(‘original’); to fullsize and it worked!
Thank you for your suggestion, it was genuinely helpful.

Have a good one!

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