Thumbnails not auto-generating, again

Back in July, we were encountering an issue where our thumbnails were not auto-generating for PDF files. Here’s that original thread - Thumbnails not auto-generating. With the help of our wonderful hosting company, Reclaim Hosting, we were able to determine that it had something to do with the Ghostscript on their end. And voila, problem fixed.

However, to increase space for the growing number of items in our collection, I migrated our files to Amazon S3. We are still hosted through Reclaim Hosting, but our files now live in Amazon S3. Ever since that migration, the same problem with the PDF thumbnails has reared its ugly head. My temporary fix has been to create my own thumbnails and manually put them in Amazon S3, but that is not practical for a long-term solution.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix this? Its has multiple layers, I know, but I’m hoping someone might have some insight.

The thumbnail generation system works pretty much totally independently from the file storage location… I’m tempted to say it’s just the same or similar problem happening again.

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