Thumbnails for pdf is not coming on public page

Hi there!

I am using Omeka Classic version 3.0.3 with ImageMagick 7.1.0-47.
Thumbnails are coming properly in the admin interface, but no thumbnails are generated on the public site. Also, the link of the file is not working unless I right-click and open it in a new window.

Can you show a screenshot of the page showing the problem? Or even better, a link?

What theme are you using?

It’s likely that the theme code just specifies to only display thumbnails when we have generated thumbnails for that file specifically and not to show fallbacks (or it’s written to not show thumbnails at all but that’s rarer).

I’m using DH @ Harvard

On the browse page, it’s just written into the theme to not display an image unless it’s a generated thumbnail:

On the show page, it looks like enabling the theme’s “Show Item File Gallery” setting should show thumbnails there.

Hi. Thanks for the note. Can you help me in modifying the PHP files? It would be of great help as I have very limited knowledge of PHP.

The mentioned is already enabled and that is also working fine for me but only in case of image files and not the pdf.

As for the edit, try changing the line highlighted, line 49, from having has thumbnail to has files. So it would look like

<?php if (metadata('item', 'has files')): ?>

You could try using the following line:

<?php echo item_image_gallery(); ?>

in your theme’s items/show.php file, underneath where “Files” is printed, around line 26. If that works how you want you could remove or comment out the lines below which are the theme’s normal way of displaying files, so they don’t get shown twice.

Also, with this change, the thumbnail issue is solved while it is not working for the ‘Hide Files’ plugin. Where the files have been opted out for hiding, only the thumbnails are showing. Otherwise, the file opens up by clicking on the filename itself. So, is there a solution for that also?

There’s search settings on the admin side, at Settings → Search, where you can choose what record types get indexed for search. Removing File there should remove it from the search on the front also.

I think for much of the rest of what you’ve mentioned, we’re probably moving beyond what’s easy for me to provide help and advice on here, particularly with the theme here being from an outside developer and the actual site not being accessible.

That’s true. But thanks for your great help.
I would like to remove a part of the conversation where I included some attachments, to maintain certain privacy.