Thumbnail Size in Cozy Theme

In OMK Version 2.0.2 | Cozy Theme Version 1.3.3

We use a page layout with image and text side by side , left or rigth ,
The LARGE format rezise image to 640 px (width )

After update to OMK Version 2.1.1 | Cozy Theme Version 1.4.0
The LARGE format rezise image to 304 px (width )

How can with return to the 640 px ?

Thank you

Serge N.

Can you show a screenshot? Or even better, a link to the page itself?

Sample Page omk-s 2.0.2 | cozy 1.3.3

Sample Page omk-s 2.1.1 | cozy 1.4.0

Thank you for your support

Serge. N

In OMKS V2.1.1 there is a new CSS style sheet page-block.css with the following code:

If we change max-width with a vw unit ( Sample below from OMKS - V2.0.0 )


New parameter:




This is what we need !

Is there a way to override this parameter via the cozy theme ?

Do we have how to “compile” a new css file ?

Thank you for a response.

Serge N.

I was able to reproduce my original page layout in a test site

  • Via the plugin CSSEditor-v1.1
  • Adding the following code

.left.large { overflow:hidden; max-width:40vw}
.right.large { overflow:hidden; max-width:40vw}

Before upating our main site, I would like somebody to validate this code !

Thank you

Serge N.


CSS Editor is a perfectly valid way of overriding the theme’s CSS. You could do the same thing in the theme itself either by adding a new CSS file or editing the existing one, but this is exactly what the CSS Editor module is for.

You shouldn’t need the overflow: hidden part but having it there shouldn’t hurt any, either.

Thank you John

  • I will update our main site
  • This is also a good practice for my “expertise” in CSS style !

Serge N.

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