"This Page Isn't Working" When Attempting to Import Vocabulary RDF

I am attempting to import the RDF file from nomenclature.info into our museum’s vocabulary but I am having trouble. After I input the RDF and enter the required information, the page loads for a short time but then seems to crash and I get the error message “This Page Isn’t Working” I have tried this several times and on two different computers and I still do not know what the problem is. Has anyone else experienced this problem before and could help me?

Thank you

You are likely seeing that error because the request exceeds your server’s POST size or memory limit. Even so, the Nomenclature standard is not meant to be an Omeka S vocabulary. While Nomenclature defines a controlled vocabulary of terms used to describe resources, the vocabularies that Omeka S uses define a set of properties used for describing resources. Take this statement:

"This item"  dcterms:subject  https://www.nomenclature.info/nom/13603

Nomenclature defines “book” (https://www.nomenclature.info/nom/13603). Dublin Core defines “subject” (dcterms:subject). So, Omeka S vocabularies define the predicate of the statement, not the object.

I see. Knowing that, I am now questioning if Omeka S is what I want to use for our purposes. Is it useful for cataloging specific physical information about artifacts? Or is it best used for other kinds of data?

Yes, Omeka S is useful for describing any resource. That’s its purpose. It’s just that you attempted to import a vocabulary of terms in a place that only accepts a vocabulary of properties and classes.

You have several options if you want to use a vocabulary of terms to improve data entry. The Custom Vocab module lets you create a custom, controlled vocabulary of terms. The Value Suggest module adds an auto-suggest feature that uses some popular controlled vocabulary services (unfortunately, Nomenclature is not one of them).

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