There is no element "PBCore", "Title"!


I installed Contributors and there essential plugins. The site is working fine. I tested by making an account.
When I tried to upload a pdf file. It gives an error

“There is no element “PBCore”, “Title”! omeka”

There is no contribution adding up. Please help.Your replies will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

What version of Omeka and the plugins are you using? What other plugins do you have installed?

I am using 2.5.1. Other plugins include Guest User, Contribution Contact, Simples Pages
Actually I installed it through Cpanel and i am using it for the first. I developed the whole website and now I have added around 350 articles in it.
So please suggest me how to do

Did you create a custom contribution type or are you using the ones that are automatically created when Contribution is activated?

Didnt created custom types.
Did it as per default

Did you try ?

No. Kindly guide me hwo it can be done.
Zip files from github and upload it as a plugin. I am a newbie therefore dont know much.

Guys problem is solved. I just de activated the DC Titles plugin and all went well.
But why the DC titles plugin is making a problem

Well, Replace DC Titles was developed by the Pop Up Archive and it looks like it changes things enough in the code to conflict with Contribution. You might leave an issue on their github repo to let them know.

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