"There is no element" error for JSON Data from IiifToolkit

Hello, I met the same problem, but my case is “There is no element “IIIF Item Metadata”, “JSON Data”!”.

To solve this problem, should I create a new element called “JSON Data” in the elements set of “IIIF Item Metadata”?

I think that can’t be done on the admin screen in omeka classsic.
So, should I need to modify the database directly?

I believe this comes from the IIIF Toolkit plugin. If you’re not actually using that plugin, deactivating or uninstalling it is probably your best option.

As you say, I am using the IIIF tool kit.

However, I would like to continue using it, so could you please tell me how I should respond to that problem?

Thank you.

(Note: I split this topic off into a new thread; it’s really not related to the other one despite being the same kind of error message.)

Do you have IIIF data already loaded using the plugin? If you don’t have any, the simplest path toward it working is probably to uninstall the plugin, delete the IIIF Item Metadata element set if it still exists, and reinstall the plugin.

If you do have data already in those elements, then uninstalling the plugin and/or deleting the element set will lose that data. I’m not super-familiar with this plugin but in that kind of situation you might be looking at database modification as the best way forward.

Thank you for your reply.

I tried this and that, but somehow it didn’t work out,
so I deleted all the items and collections, then uninstalled the plugin and installed it again and it went back to normal.

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