Theme won't change

Hi all,

I was playing with themes for one of my sites, but it seems to have become “stuck” on a specific theme; changing the theme on the admin side was not doing anything. I deleted the theme out of the themes folder, so now it’s showing an error message: [].

How do I assign another theme? This does not seem to be a problem with my other sites for some reason.



Does the admin page for changing the theme for that site look like it’s changing what’s selected or not?

Yes, it’s showing the selected theme as center row right now and if I select another one it looks like it’s changing on the admin side.

Is it possible that somehow the site you’re changing the settings for isn’t actually the same site that you’re looking at on the public side?

This “current theme” setting and the theme actually used on the frontend pull from the same place so they should really always be the same.

Very embarassingly, the problem was me changing the theme of the wrong site. I’m so sorry, thank you for your patient answers!!

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