Theme Upload Max Size

I have a theme option allowing for the upload of a file. My server settings allows for files up to 150Mb (and I’ve successfully uploaded quite a few) but the theme config now seems to think the limit is 1Mb.

Here’s the theme/config.ini block:

homepage_block_1_img.type = "file"
homepage_block_1_img.options.label = "Homepage: Image"
homepage_block_1_img.options.description = "Choose a background image to go with the homepage text block."
homepage_block_1_img.options.validators.count.validator = "Count"
homepage_block_1_img.options.validators.count.options.max = "1"

Here’s the error I see when uploading a file:

I’ve never see this behavior before and am wondering where to look to fix it. It was previously working as expected so it’s possible something changed in my environment. I checked application/config/config.ini and don’t see anything there (the upload.maxFileSize option is commented out as the default is working fine, but I did try editing that as well… it doesn’t seem to change anything).

The limit for theme uploads is hardcoded: it’s in application/forms/ThemeConfiguration.php.

We actually increased it not too long ago to where it is now at 1MB; it used to be 300k.

Somehow I forgot this, but now that you say it, I do recall the 300k limit (maybe the fact that it changed threw me off a little). I usually optimize theme images before uploading but didn’t do that today. Thanks for the reply!