Theme modification, set homepage layout

I need to set a different layout for the homepage, but I don’t understand how to modify the layout.phtml of a theme. I different solutions, but I can’t find the right way for declaring the function to get the homepage. Like

<?php $homepage = $site->homepage();?>
        <?php if ($homepage): ?>
        do stuff
<?php else: ?>
       do other stuff
<?php endif; ?>

doesn’t work. Any help?

Hi @lara_m,
I think the proper way of doing it currently currently implies installing the module Next. When installed, you should be able to use the following code:

if ($this->isHomePage()) {
    // do stuff
} else {
    // do other stuff

The goal of Next module is to propose features that finally get integrated in omeka core, so it might be possible in the future without the module but currently (omeka-s 2.* at least, not tested on 3.*) you have to install it.


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