Theme file doesn't overwrite the original one


I was trying to overwrite some files. But it looks like even the theme/default/view/layout/layout.phtml that comes with the default theme doesn’t overwrite the one in application/view/layout/layout.phtml. Does any setting require for such a behavior? Could someone confirm this?


I’m seeing my changes come through. Could you say what changes you are making in the layout.phtml file?

Actually the on in layout.phtml works. But the one in src/Controller/Site/IndexController.php doesn’t

I’m not quite following. Where are the files you are looking to change? Theme files will always be under a view directly, generally in the themes, which should override what’s in the application/src/view directory. Things under src/Controller aren’t really about the themes’ display.

Could you say what you are trying to make work?

As in IndexController.php, if a page exists in the navigation bar, the homepage will be redirected to the first page in navigation bar. But I don’t want the redirection. Could I overwrite the file somehow?

Which IndexController.php file are you looking at? There’s one directly under Controller, and another under Controller/Site.

Either way, though, those probably shouldn’t be changed, and there’s not a really good way to override them.

It sounds to me like you just want to change what the front page is, yes? If so, that’s just a matter of changing the navigation for the site so a different page is the first in the navigation.

Hello. I just tried to replace view/omeka/login/login.phtml and the changes are not shown. Do you have any idea? Thanks