Theme/CSS Editing Within Omeka-S?

Fellow Omeka-S users:
I am looking for suggestions as to how to edit the provided Omeka-S themes in an environment that does not easily allow direct access to the server.

Our installation of Omeka-S is run by our campus IT department as a Ubuntu installation on a virutal machine. We have Global Admin access, but not access at the system level to the installation. Any editing of a theme’s CSS file requires server access in order to install and test changes. Our IT people are great, but stretched thin, so having to claim their time for each iteration on css changes isn’t a great solution.

A few (but not all) of the provided themes allow a few changes from the Admin control panel, mostly limited to the menu background & highlight colors. Are there ways to change basic elements in the provided themes from within the web-based admin interface? These might be things like color of nav bar; logo; inclusion/exclusion of the search box and/or ‘hamburger’ menu, overall font choice and sizes.

Alternatively, could the Admin tools (or a module like Easy Install) allow a user to specify the location of a theme to upload (GitHub is the default, but how about an option to pick a local file/directory to upload?).

Right now IT suggests I install a separate instance of Omeka-S on MAMP on my local computer where I can access the themes and css files directly and use that as a place to develop a replacement theme for our project. That theme, then, could be given to our IT people to put on the “production” version. This seems awkward, but could work.

Looking for ideas as to what has worked for others…


There is CSS Editor, a port of a classic plugin: Note that currently, only admin can edit the rules, but the rules are distinct by site.
Of course, you should use a test server or a dev server to test your updates before in a virtual machine or a lamp/mamp/wamp.

Thanks - I’ll give that a try. Is there a design document somewhere that defines an omeka-s theme’s basic components? It would help to understand where to start when altering things with the CSS editor. Or should I go to GitHub and pull a version of a theme like Cosy to see how it is set up?

It is simply a textarea where you can add css rules, and they will be applied to the site.