The problem is that when creating a new item, the system uses a previous one

Hello. My omeka is not working well in creating new items.

The problem is that when creating a new item, the system uses a previous one (created many months ago) and deletes several of the metadata.

Maybe you can guide me how to solve it.

The video about the trouble:
[video.mp4 - Google Drive]

So, this is probably an issue with the database that’s hosting your site. We’ve seen people report this before: the problem is related to how the database stores what the “next” ID should be for new records. Your database has that number set too low, so it’s re-using IDs that already exist and causing this “merging” and “overwriting” to happen.

Are you hosting yourself or using a provider? It’s possible to fix this by resetting the “next” value for your database tables; depending on your hosting/IT situation you might ask them to do this for you.

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Hello @jflatnes . Thank you very much for the answer.
My Omeka is on a rented hosting service. Therefore, providers only support the storage service, but not the applications. In the Omeka files there is the following item.php file (see image) I would like to know if that is the file to configure.

I also understand that in the database there is a file that indicates the number of records allowed, if so I would like to know if I should configure the ID column of the records (see image) or some specific file.
Maybe you can help me with the path of the file to edit. Thanks a lot.

Just a guess, as I’m not in front of a pc now: I think that via PhpMyAdmin, tab Operaciones of the concerned table, you should be able to set the next ID.

The “next” function isn’t related to your problem.

What needs to be updated is the “auto increment” value for your items table. As Daniele says, there’s an option to do this under the “Operations” tab when you’re viewing a table in phpMyAdmin. Under the heading “Table options” there should be an “AUTO_INCREMENT” option: this lets you set what ID will be used for the next item created. It needs to be set so it’s higher than the highest ID you have in the table (i.e., 511 would be the value suggested by the screenshot you posted).