Thanks, Roy Theme Customization

working with Omeka S 3.2.0 on Reclaim Hosting and trying to customize the Thanks, Roy theme because it checks the most boxes for what my admin needs.

Side Navigation
Navigation Menu Expands but does not cover content
Search is grouped with Nav on side
Serif Font

However, there are a few issues that I will list in order of importance.

My Admins Wish List:
Heading/Banner - Admin created a banner image and this theme cuts it off or zooms in when viewing the site on larger monitor like 27" or on mobile devices.
Solution - The Daily Theme uses the Banner in the desired way. Can this be replicated for Thanks, Roy?

Site Title - Banner image includes the Logo and site name.
Solution - Set Site Logo and Name to hidden. How?

Sub Nav on Pages - I think that is what is called? The part that lists child pages on a page and can be repetitive of the Navigation Menu? Would like to hide this, preferably on selected pages but will accept sitewide solution.

Universal Viewer on Item Page - In most cases our users want to view the image first and the metadata last. How can we move the UV to the top of an item page?

Universal Viewer on Browse and other multi item pages - The UV on a page with multiple items such as Browse all is a nice idea, however, it results in user confusion. The UV shows the first item, with the Thumbnails tray open by default rather than Contents. So there is no way for the user to to move to the next item in the viewer without switching to the Contents tab, which most don’t understand as necessary. It would be nice if it had some integrated advance buttons to for advancing to the next item or at least opened the Contents tray by default.

My wish list:
Toggle between List and Grid view. For some image heavy collections, the grid view fits better on the screen.

Any help accomplishing this wish list for my admin would be greatly appreciated.


To speak to just one part, hiding the logo and site name can be done in one of three ways (and possibly more), in rough order of change complexity and permanence:

  • In the CSS Editor for a site (assuming you have the CSS Editor module on), you could add a rule like header h1 img {display: none;} to hide just the logo or header {display: none;} to nuke the whole title & logo area.
    • There may be more efficient or better in other ways rules you could use.
    • This will affect only this site, or will need to be done to all sites where you want to hide the logo.
    • I’m saying this based on a quick look at Thanks Roy. Side effects unknown.
  • You could create your own theme with a modified copy of Thanks Roy and add a CSS file that contains one of the rules above so that all sites in your Omeka S installation have the logo and title hidden.
  • You could create your own theme with a modified copy of Thanks Roy (keeping attribution and licensing as appropriate) and change the pertinent lines of code or remove them.

Yes, scrapping the header altogether using the CSS editor works. But I will need a way to have it display the banner image that admin is so proud of so it does not get cut off or skewed.

I have tried rooting around in the Daily theme and adding the parts about the the banner but no luck so far.