Thanks, Roy theme advanced search display broken

After updating to Omeka 3.1, the advanced search pane at the bottom of the sidebar menu does not display correctly. It is open by default, and the button that would close it is invisible. I am not sure if this is because a necessary update to the theme CSS or javascript is missing, but the markup of the advanced form display button changed in 3.1 (from a link to a button).

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We’re aware of those issues and have changes pending to address them. We’ll keep you posted on when to expect updated releases that fix these things.

Do you have an update on if / when this will be fixed please?

It is preventing us from upgrading our Omeka installation.

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This is one of a number of theme fixes that will be addressed in an update to the core. We’re closing in on an Omeka Classic v3.1.1 release, and will be sure to update this thread once that ships.

Omeka Classic 3.1.1 is now released, and it includes a fix for this problem. You can download it from the usual download page.

The download for 3.1.1 includes an updated Thanks, Roy theme as well, and you can also download that separately from the themes page.

Thanks for your patience.

Has this caused a new problem as reported here? Default theme no longer displays Featured Item and Featured Collection boxes

We’re not aware of any issues; that report was partially a browser using an old cached stylesheet and partially Thanks Roy having a slightly modified homepage on purpose in newer versions.

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