Thanks, roy modified Error from 3.2.3 to 4.0.1

Soo i’ve made my own theme using thanks, roy as the base

in the version of Omeka that im working 3.2.3 it works perfectly, but even here i have some problems. I cannot change the name of the folder of the theme because it doesnt work. But even this way i changed the author and the name in the config.ini and there is no problem.

The thing is that once i decided to move the theme to an omeka s 4.0.1, it says that its incompatible. I’ve chenged the version requirement in the config.ini, and then it lets me select the theme, but then when i enter to the site it the Omeka S ERROR message appears. And from here i dont know what happens.

I’ve made another theme in 3.2.3 using the default theme as the base, and i didnt have any problem moving it to 4.0.1.

in the thanks roy theme, the name is still the same thanksroy. i’ve tried just changing the layout.phtml and config.ini files only and still doesnt work. I didnt make any major modifications to the functionalites of the original thanks roy, mostly css

soo im really lost on why is this happening, the only theory i have is that omeka s is being confused on why the thanks roy is diferent than the oficial version.

if anyone knows the answer it would help me a lot

thanks, as always :hugs:

Okay solved! i swiched to develpoer mode and the problem was that the language swicher from laminas was incompatible in 4.0.1 soooooooo that was it

now it works perfectly, i let the post up if it helps someone :+1: