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I’ve installed and configured the Text Analysis and Ngram plugins, set up a trial account with IBM, and installed MALLET on Reclaim. The script directory information on the plugin configuration page is, as far as I know, correct. I’ve tried a few times, and different corpora, to produce results using MALLET but have not had any luck. The process will say it’s completed, but there is no dropdown menu listed for me to view any results. It says [not available].

I got in touch with Reclaim earlier today to make sure I installed MALLET properly and that it was executable, and they said everything was in working order.

I appreciate any help you can give me! Thanks very much.

Hmm, I can’t reproduce this. The fact that you can analyze the corpus and the process completes tells me that your MALLET script directory is, in fact, valid. Are you sure you’re checking the “Topic Model (MALLET)” feature when analyzing the corpus? Keeping that unchecked is the only way I can see a “[not available]” on the Analyzed Corpora page. What version of MALLET are you using?

Hi Jim - Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am checking the topic model (MALLET) feature. The version of MALLET I installed is 2.0.8.

I’m also getting a 403 error when I attempt to view any tabs of the NLU analysis (screenshot enclosed). I don’t know if that’s related to my issue with MALLET or not?

I suspect that there’s something about your server environment that’s causing the “[not available]” MALLET topic model after a completed process. Make sure the TextAnalysis/mallet_processing directory is writable by the web server.

As for the NLU analysis, I’m in the unfortunate position of having already reached my free limit, so I’m unable to do comprehensive troubleshooting. I can reproduce the 403 error, but that doesn’t tell me much. There may have been some API drift since we released the plugin. It appears that IBM has completely subsumed Bluemix, which is reflected in a rebrand and some API differences - like the use of an API key instead of basic authentication. Still, IBM’s API is versioned and should still work. Maybe the conditions of use have changed? Maybe your account doesn’t come with free requests to the NLU endpoint. Again, this is impossible to test with any certainty without adding my credit card information.

I double checked and the directory is writeable. For the NLU analysis I’ll check the terms of use and see if I’m able to discover anything. Thanks Jim, as always, for your help!

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