Teaching with Omeka

So at Willamette we just finished up a semester where we had three humanities courses use Omeka as a platform where students would create a project. Each class was a bit different, but one thought all three professors had, and I’m not sure if this is because Omeka was taking up too much course time or that it required such extra work, is they wanted Omeka to possibly be a lab that would be attached to the class for an extra quarter credit.
So in the lab they were thinking there could be:

Classrooms with student workstations, loaded with required software, such as Irfanview or GIMP.

A computer savvy staff member in the classroom to help everyone with a laptop to set up all of the needed programs on their laptops.

For topics:

Image editing software (Irfanview, GIMP, etc.).
Folder and file organization.
Citation generation in Primo, Ebsco, etc.
Citation software (Zotero).
Omeka exhibit design and building.
Metadata creation.
Basic HTML editing.

Has anyone added a lab component to a course using Omeka?

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