Tagging Individual Pages of an Exhibit

Hey everyone,

I have a rather complicated, nebulous site that I designed more for browsing experiences than navigating to known items. This is annoying to some people, so I’m trying to optimize the search capabilities by really focusing on tags and subjects. I know how to do this the Curatescape half of my site, but I’m having trouble with the regular Omeka Seasons half because very few of those pages contain items. Is there a way I could just add a field for tags under the ‘page slug’ field?

In short, nothing from exhibits such as this one are showing up through the site search, probably because I use two themes. I’m looking for any work-arounds that don’t involve changing to one theme.


The issue you’re reporting, Madeleine, is quite an interesting one.

I wonder (haven’t checked the code yet, as I don’t use Exhibits myself) if the text added in any block of an Exhibit is actually included in site-wide searches or not (if not, I think it should be, as it might contain additional text / words not present in Items metadata fields.

As a workaround you could probably add tags to the exhibit page itself, but with many subpages either you end up with a very long list of tags or they would not be relevant enough…

The main search lets you configure what kinds of things are searchable. I think you just don’t have Exhibit Pages enabled (check Settings->Search).

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