Table of Contents for Tours

I’d like to add a table of contents at the top of our Tours page so visitors can find what they’re looking for at a glance. Is this even possible?

I think we’ll need a little more detail of what you’re looking to do here. A link to the page would help if one’s available.

This is the page where I would like to add a ToC at the top. I would like visitors to see what is available at a glance. Thanks

OK, so this is a site using Curatescape, and I think “Tours” is a Curatescape feature, if I’m remembering correctly.

You might be better off asking on the Curatescape forums, though Curatescape’s developer @ebellempire is also active on these forums sometimes.

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Hi @rfmessick, you would need to edit the tours/show.php file in your theme to accomplish what you’re describing. I don’t recommend it unless you are confident in your HTML, CSS, and PHP skills. You might consider changing to the Curatescape Echo theme, which has additional options for sorting tours and displaying them based on tags and featured status.

More info here:

Here’s an example of a site using that theme:

As @jflatnes suggested, the Curatescape Foum is usually the best place for such questions. Baltimore Heritage is still under contract with Curatescape so we can help out with updates and design changes as needed.

Thank you for the suggestion. Will review Echo, then will go to Curatescape forum if I have more questions.