Table of content when pages are in navigation

I would like to create child pages and generate a table of content of child pages inside the mother page.

Also, I don’t want any of these pages in my navigation menu.

The problem is I have to add pages to the navigation to be able to order.

Is it possible to hierarchize pages without including them into the navigation menu?

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The themes Default and Cozy have an option to limit the depth of pages which appear in the main navigation menu - you could set it so only the parent pages appear. Then you could use the table of contents block on the parent page.

I use a modified version of centerrow.

Anyway, if I do not want to have the parent pages in the navigation, there is still a problem. I think page hierarchy should be done inside “pages” and navigation hierarchy should be done inside “navigation”.

We’re open to ideas on how to improve the handling of the site hierarchy. Currently, the page hierarchy works in tandem to our navigation to facilitate a consistent page organization.

So that we can better understand your use case, could you explain the flow that would lead your audience to these nested pages outside of the primary navigation?

We use Omeka S to present old letters and an apparatus. The letter are described as items with many metadata. Pages serves the purpose to introduce and present the letters. We integrate some letters inside the pages with the help of media blocks. All letters are available from the navigation (this is why we don’t want pages of the apparatus in the navigation).

If we compare to printed book, each page is a chapter or subchapter. This is why we need some kind of hierarchy. And there are too many pages to integrate them into the navigation.

We would love to use the ‘table of content’ feature to order pages. But it is restricted to navigation pages. So we use a workaround with a html block which present a lists of all pages/chapters:

We copy/paste this html block in the beginning of each page of this ‘book’.

That mostly makes sense to me, but is there a page where your users would browse through the letters? What does your primary navigation look like? At the moment, this is how I would see your site structure looks:

|-- Home
|-- About
|-- Letters
|---- Letter
|------ Index
|------ Chapter 1
|------ Chapter 2
|------ Chapter 3

with Home, About, and Letters being part of the primary navigation. In Center Row, the top navigation would not show any of those subpages. Is there something I’m missing?

The problem here is when you want to show only some pages of hierarchy level 3.

Let’s say I don’t want to display the chapters but want to display some other page of the same level.

|-- Home
|-- About
|-- Letters
|---- Letter
|------ Index (not displayed)
|------ Chapter 1 (not displayed)
|------ Chapter 2 (not displayed)
|------ Chapter 3 (not displayed)
|---- Historical context of letters (displayed)
|----- The 19 century (displayed)

I could artificially created a sublevel for the pages I don’t want to show but it is not a good practice.