Table in the Exhibition text block


If I insert a table containing numbers in a text block in an exhibit it spreads over the whole given width. giving width as 50% in the html code doesn´t seem to have any effect, also the single cells aver very big, especially if the yjust contain some numbers… How can I get controll over them?

Help is much appreciated!

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Can you share a link to a page showing the problem?

As just general advice, this is most likely just an issue with CSS and it’s probably something you’d solve with CSS also.

Hi, thanks for answering!
(this page is not public though)

I copied the Tabe from excel, and the beginning of the source code is:

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="150"><colgroup><col width="87" span="2" />

if I change the value of width, it has no effect on the actual page, it just always speads over the entire width…

The issue here is that Thanks Roy, the theme you’re building on, has a style that sets tables to be “100%” width: so they expand to fill their container. You could override this with a style attribute on your table, or edit the theme’s stylesheet to change or remove that width style (you’d be looking for the table selector).

Now ist working the Way I want it.
Thank you!

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