Symlinking the plugin directory

Hi folks,

If I have several Omeka Classic installations on Reclaim Hosting that I want to use the same pool of plugins, can I just create a folder with the plugins and symlink them, so that I don’t have to manage them on each installation manually?

So let’s take say I three installations:

  • ~/public_html/omeka1
  • ~/public_html/omeka2
  • ~/public_html/omeka3

And a directory of plugins:

  • ~/public_html/omeka-plugins

Can I just symlink (ln -sn) the plugin directories like this:

  • ln -sn ~/public_html/omeka-plugins ~/public_html/omeka1/plugins
  • ln -sn ~/public_html/omeka-plugins ~/public_html/omeka2/plugins
  • ln -sn ~/public_html/omeka-plugins ~/public_html/omeka3/plugins

Or will I run into trouble?

I’ve gone ahead and implemented this approach. I’ll see if it works out okay and report back :slight_smile:


I am interested in the result of this approach. While each plugin creates their own database table entries. A symbolic link to a managed plugin folder sounds like a great idea. I think Omeka S would be a better solution to manage multiple exhibits with shared plugin structure.


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Hi Andre! My tentative testing indicates that symlinking works fine but I didn’t get a chance to experiment more thoroughly. I used this for a workshop where I needed to create about 20 Omeka installations.

Folks were interested in using Neatline, that’s why we didn’t use Omeka S.

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