Switch from IIIF Server to IIIF Presentation?

I’ve been using IIIF Server in combination with Universal Viewer, both by @Daniel_KM

Now that Omeka v4 has “native” support for IIIF with the IIIF Presentation module, I am wondering what I should do? Is the IIIF Presentation module a complete / better alternative to the IIIF Server?

One thing I should fix somehow in my infrastructure if I switch (probably via .htaccess RewriteRule’s) is the fact that the manifest URL’s are different (the manifests are indexed, for example at Pictor):

Also, the UniversalViewer module isn’t using the manifests produced by the IIIF Presentation module, I see for instance in https://www.goudatijdmachine.nl/data/afbeeldingen/document/ark:/60537/bELHRy:

    "id": "uv-1",
    "root": "/data/modules/UniversalViewer/asset/vendor/uv3/",
    "iiifResourceUri": "https://www.goudatijdmachine.nl/data/iiif/2/96684/manifest",
    "configUri": "/data/modules/UniversalViewer/asset/universal-viewer/config.json",
    "embedded": true,

How can I configure UniversalViewer to use the IIIF Presentation manifests?

I’m inclined to say that if your setup works, then it’s best to continue using the IIIF Server module. We created the IIIF Presentation module for people looking for a simple yet extensible infrastructure that pairs with the “IIIF Presentation” media ingester and Mirador instance that we added to the core in 4.0. There’s no need to use it if the IIIF Server (and related) modules meet your requirements.

A related question - I am tasked with deciding on a system for a new archive of documents with different types. The documents have been scanned and are hosted on a remote IIIF server. Will we be able to display the scans on a details page for the documents in Omeka/s ?


You should be able to. Omeka S comes with two IIIF media types. The “IIIF image” type renders remote images in OpenSeadragon. The “IIIF presentation” renders remote manifests in Mirador.

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