Survey: new Omeka S theme

Hello everyone,

At Libnamic we’ve been designing a new Omeka S base theme for our clients with some of the most requested features. Now we are considering turning it into a publicly available product. The idea would be to make this theme available for purchase like it’s done with Wordpress themes and it would be included in our “Libnamic Suite for Omeka S” as well. We would also probably launch a free version with some of the features.

The theme would have several layout options for each view and it will let users choose fonts, colors etc. through a configuration wizard. Additionally, it will support child themes (like Wordpress), so it will be really easy to create customizations while still allowing to upgrade the theme.

In order to decide whether to launch this product, we decided to create a survey to ask the community about their preferences and desires regarding themes. With the results of this survey, we also hope to be able to prioritize aspects or add new features that we had not thought about, as well as creating a product that the members of the community are comfortable using.

The survey shouldn’t take longer than 3-4 minutes. We will really thank anyone who decides to participate and help us create a useful theme, both in the free and premium options.

This is the link: Survey: main page (take survey) | Humanidades Digitales - Libnamic

A sneak peek of our current design:

I hope this was the right category to post it.
Thank you!