Supporting new style features in themes

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I just saw this feature was added in the newest release of Omeka-S –
Fantastic, this is exactly what I need, thanks to those who put the feature in.
I see that this feature is already supported in the default theme.
But with third-party themes, if I understand correctly, the CSS classes for these features have to be implemented for every theme individually. Is that right?


When we implemented that feature, we also made some changes to the way styles are loaded for the pages/blocks: In Omeka S 2.1.0 and up, the core provides base styles for the blocks so that we can update those styles without needing to go and update every theme.

If your theme is not overriding the omeka/site/page/show.phtml view, these styles will already be getting loaded for you. If you do have your own custom view there, you can add

$this->headLink()->appendStylesheet($this->assetUrl('css/page-blocks.css', 'Omeka'));

to the top of the view to load the common styles.

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