Super user - access to items

I have lost all of a sudden access to list of items as super user. Has anyone else encountered the same error? I used to by default have access to edit these items.

Super users should have access to edit all items. I’m not sure what could cause anything else to be the case… possibly a plugin.

By “no access” do you mean you aren’t allowed to edit them, or you can’t see them at all? It’s possible also there’s actually an error happening that just looks like you “not having access.”

I cannot see them at all… but when I logout all the items (public) are there… So, I cannot edit them as I cannot see them. I do not get any error message, I just do not have access… I am sure this is not normal for super user (?).

Can you show a screenshot of the admin item page showing the problem? I’m thinking it’s possible that the page is just truncated (meaning there’s an error occurring).

Thank you. Our IT support Installed php-xml and it worked. apache error logs were shown so now it is fixed.

Okay, so it was an error after all. Glad to hear you worked it out.