Suggestion for a new vocabulary to describe architectural drawing

Hello all,
I’ve very new to Omeka and the entire concept of cataloging. To make it more difficult I’m on my own as I develop things - at least on an organizational level. What I’m trying to do is create a detailed archive of my father’s architectural drawings. There are fields that I’d like to track such as client name, client address, project name, paper media, etc that don’t seem to fit into the standard vocabularies that come preloaded with Omeka. In doing some research I’ve discovered something called the Architectural Drawings Advisory Group and have tracked down a .rdf at I’m stuck because I have no idea what the correct namespace uri is or how to find it. I’ve tried the one on the page, and several versions that I can’t remember off the top of my head. :slight_smile:

Can someone point me either in the direction of the correct uri or perhaps recommend a better vocabulary for my needs?

Thanks tons!

The link you provided is a reference to the name " Architectural Drawings Advisory Group." It is not a linked data vocabulary. You should probably peruse the Linked Open Vocabularies website for vocabularies that better fit your needs.

For the controlled vocabulary, try the Art and Architecture thesaurus from Getty: I haven’t used it for architectural items, but have used it for describing the Format or Type for a variety of physical objects, but since “architecture” is in the name it probably has the right terms ;).