Sudden change with global language setting

Hello all,
We’re running a version 3.2.3 instance of Omeka S, with a variety of sites and themes. This morning, one of our users discovered that the global language setting had suddenly changed. Is there any security issues we should be aware of? Out of an abundance of caution, I’ve reset all user passwords, which I may start doing at regular intervals, just as a security best practice.
Thanks for any insights anyone can share!

Nothing I’m aware of. Of course if users are choosing vulnerable or known passwords that’s a potential vector for issues, but have you ruled out just a user with the appropriate level of access accidentally (or intentionally) making this change? That’s what I’d generally look to first as an explanation.

Thanks, John. Definitely haven’t ruled that possibility, although I’m the only global admin for our instance, so I’ll take a close look at what other users would have access to the global settings.