Successful CSV-Import But No Items?

Hi y’all, I’m a graduate student and relatively new-ish Omeka S user. If you can break down your feedback with the least amount of jargon possible, that’d help me out a ton because I’m not super tech savvy.

Here’s my problem: I’m trying to import a CSV file to an Omeka site, and the upload is completing successfully–but no items are being created. I thought the problem might be that the data wasn’t standardized in the CSV file properly, but I spent pretty much all day trying different ways of organizing the data to no avail. Has anyone run into this problem before? Was I correct that the data was (and still is) improperly standardized)? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

  1. you can check some logs at admin/job
  2. if you have wanted to import not only metadata, but also files, check if paths are correct and available to Omeka (= public available)

I think I’m just importing metadata–for reference, it’s just information culled from tombstones. Should I still try and import a CSV from a publicly availably site? What’s an example of a platform I could use to do that? Thanks.

If you look at Past Imports what does it say about these imports (particularly the “Result” and “Status” columns). Is there a “Log” link in the “Action” column? If so, what does it say?

Could you share a sample of this CSV file? Is this file correct at all (does it have the correct syntax)? Or perhaps your Omeka server doesn’t allow to write files at all?