Subscript and superscript

Hello, I’m working with a science database and some fields include data with subscript and superscript (like H20), anyone knows if there’s a way to include this format in Omeka? Preferably via CSV import or Bulk import, but if there is a manual solution it would be fine too. Thanks!

There are two common ways:

  • use a html field with a resource template and module DataTypeRdf, so you can use <sub> and <sup> tags.
  • convert your subscript and superscript into the equivalent unicode characters (eventually directly with your keyboard).

The second option is better because it doesn’t require a template and overall it simplifies data sharing. Another option is to define your own data type if really needed.

Thank you! The second option works fine!

I just use the tags. I know them from memory but have a little reminder above the relevant input boxes. I use text from Notepd ++ taken off my document and pasted there. All my potential input/transcription pages are prepared on 80 pages of a long document which took me about 4 months to do.

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