Strange behaviour of "active" class in "Thanks, Roy"

I noticed a strange behaviour in “Thanks, Roy” theme regarding the “active” class in the menu.

Let me clarify that I am using Omeka Classic 2.6.1 which is the highest that can be supported at our server.

  1. I had a page (create as a “Simple Page”) with the slug “about” which was in Greek and a page with the slug “about_en” which was in English. I noticed that all pages that had slugs starting with “about” (e.g. “about_en”, “about-en”, “aboutus”) marked in the navigation as active not only the current page, but the “about” page as well.

  2. I decided to change the “about” slug to “home” and the page switched to a different layout. As if it was the home page, with the text in a narrow middle column and the right column empty.

It may be a feature and not a bug, but I think it is better to let you know just in case you are wondering about a similar behaviour in your website.

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