Strange Audio Access Issue

So, if I search for Benjamin Busch I get results with Audio icons - But the pages they link to have no audio files.

Search result: Search (349 total) · Harry Roseman: A Chronicle

I go to Audio Page linked from search: Benjamin Busch · Harry Roseman: A Chronicle

If I go to the record in the backend, and click files > edit, the audio is there.

However, if I go to Files, click the hyperlink for the one file and then click View public page I get a page with the audio player: Harry Roseman: A Chronicle

How do I get the actual public record to have the audio player?

This is probably an issue with the theme. You look like you’re using maybe a modified version of the “Big Picture” theme?

I assume your theme’s just not set up to display things that aren’t images.

Last fall when the audio icons were not appearing someone from Omeka chimed in and said the new version of Big Picture Theme fixed the issue. So I think the theme is supposed to work with all media formats.

Can you clarify for me which version of the theme you’re using and if you’ve edited it at all?

Big Picture should generally include an “other files” list for things that don’t work well in the lightbox gallery view it normally uses.

I think the faculty member I am assisting has the January release. I see another was released in March. The only things that are custom are CSS for fonts and colors really. I will see if the March update helps at all.

Updating the theme resolved this issue.