Storing and Displaying College Meeting Minutes


Does anybody have a link to a college that uses Omeka to store their college meeting minutes? I couldn’t find any examples of that. That may become a requirement in our state so I need to make sure I can find an example. If you can send a link to me that would be wonderful.

Thank you in advance.


I’m not aware of any examples of that particular use case personally, but I wouldn’t be the best person to ask.

You could put minutes in an Omeka installation, but it probably wouldn’t be your best choice. It doesn’t seem like it would use much if any of Omeka’s strengths in metadata storage, media display, or exhibition.

Who should I ask about possibly seeing examples of storing PDFs like college meeting minutes in Omeka? I don’t know what you mean by “put minutes in an Omeka installation”. Could you explain?

“put minutes in an Omeka installation” is another way of saying “use Omeka to display college meeting minutes”. For examples, you might browse the Sites using Omeka. Specifically, the Abbot Academy’s correspondence collection and the St. John’s College digital archives.