Starter sites to install with themes

Is there a starter site to install for the Freedom theme, like the one shown in the screenshot of the theme? Consequently, are there starter sites for any theme (updated to the latest Omeka S version), or do we have to build from scratch?

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I’m also looking for this kind of start sites theme, I really need it

Currently there is no a starter database/content to install but it’s a good idea, will work on it soon and add it to the Theme repository.

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I saw this question and I thought it was intriguing, but I did have a follow-up question to get some clarification on what is really being asked for -

Are you talking about a starter Omeka S installation with a default site already configured like the screenshot or a way to create a site within Omeka S with the theme settings already configured?

Hi @fackrellj,

The second: a way to create a site within Omeka S with theme settings already configured. In the same fashion as a starter site in WordPress that looks like the theme’s demo, with pre-built pages, menus, widgets, placeholder images… (also in the form of code snippets to be put in the CSS Editor, the HTML block, etc).
I am sure this could add to the experience of using the themes in Omeka S.