Staging site & development best practices

What are people doing for staging & development stacks?

I’m on a Canadian ISP that offers Omeka S through Softaculous (a very recent development). I can of course create two sites but Softaculous doesn’t do staging/production management for Omeka the way it does for other installs (e.g. wordpress).

Other than manually exporting the folders and database from one to another, or manually setting up everything on staging to be sure it works and then manually setting it all up again on production, does anyone have any clever tips and tricks for managing this?

I see this has been asked in the past and so it would be nice to have the user manual updated or some other permanent page somewhere outside the forum:

Some similar questions, like how to move sites between hosts, etc., should also be included:

Is there a staff member in charge of documentation? I know I can pop some suggestions in a pull request, but I assume there is a team who gets paid to do this work who may want to manage it.

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There are, indeed, staff members who work on documentation and the user manual updates. We’ve got a to-do list, to which we’ll add this, but we always welcome suggestions via pull requests.