SSO Module Memory Leak?

I’ve installed Omeka-S 4.0.3 and the SSO module version 3.4.7 for use with our campus Shibboleth. It is installed on a highly available campus hosting environment with load-balancing. All of the Shibboleth settings work immediately when I save/update the settings page, but after a day I get an error message saying the following:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 20480 bytes) in /var/www/html/ls-omeka/public/modules/SingleSignOn/src/Controller/SsoController.php on line 530

It seems likely there is some sort of memory leak going on where eventually the memory gets used up and SSO no longer works. However, if I go into the settings page for the module and save the settings, it immediately starts working again. Is anyone else having this issue?

This kind of long-term memory leak is relatively rare in PHP because PHP by default doesn’t share memory/context/setup/etc. between different requests: each is started up from scratch. I don’t know about the details of the SSO module, so it’s possible it does something that would scale up memory usage over time anyway, through caching or some other mechanism.

It’s also possible that this is memory being used elsewhere and this is just the “last straw” allocation, and the SSO module isn’t really at fault. But you’re saying that re-saving the settings temporarily “fixes” the problem so maybe it’s most likely that there is some relation to the module.

Sorry for late reply. Have you fixed the issue? Or have you a longer log?

And did you try version 3.4.8, that fixed the automatic update of the certificate?