SSL and DocumentRoot

I’m having some trouble getting my omeka site to run under SSL. I’ve installed the certificate but only the first page will load now. Anything else give a ‘URL not found’ error. It doesn’t seem to matter what I set the DocumentRoot as. Right now it’s the default var/www/html.

Any advice?

You might have a simple problem like the settings being different for the SSL-enabled VirtualHost.

Only the index working and everything else giving a 404 is a classic symptom of not having AllowOverride On in your Apache settings. If you have AllowOverride On in your non-SSL VirtualHost, you’d need to define it also for the SSL one.

So it seems to be intermittent now. It’s going up and down randomly, on random pages. Sometimes if I just hit refresh enough, the page loads fine. Other times it crashes. It feels like an SSL thing but I’m not well-versed enough.

I can only really say that there’s no general issue running Omeka under SSL: we do it ourselves for many installs and its quite common among users.

So this is likely to be a problem somewhat unique to your server setup.