SQLSTATE[HY000] [2019] Can't initialize character set utf8mb4



I want to install the “S” version, but for some reason it doesn’t allow me to continue.
I have the connection settings for the database and also confirm that my tables allow “utf8mb4” those characters.
But I can’t get the installation to start.

Any recommendation.


I’ve never seen this particular error before… it looks like it indicates an issue with the MySQL install on your server, or possibly with the PHP MySQL client library. If you have a host or IT you can ask them to look into this. If you’re running the server yourself, you might look at updating your MySQL server package and/or PHP MySQL driver.


The site I have hosted with “mochahost.com” and I already looked for the help of support and the only answer I have is to look for the developer of the application, that the server is correct.

I really don’t know what to do anymore!



This is the server configuration I have.

I made 2 settings.

OMEKA classic
everything works very well here

Here I get the error.

Some installation requirements were not satisfied.

** An exception occurred in driver: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2019] Can’t initialize character set utf8mb4 (path: /usr/share/mysql/charsets/)*

these are the characteristics of the server.

|Apache Version|2.4.41|
|PHP Version|7.1|
|MySQL Version|5.1.73-cll|
|Operating System|linux|


MySQL 5.1 is simply too old to use Omeka S.

If you check the system requirements you’ll see we require MySQL 5.6.4 or newer. We have a check for the MySQL version to give you a more accurate message when the server is too old, but in this case it looks like this server is old enough that the connection just failed right away, before we could actually check the version.

Dear amigo.

A question.
So the classic version can work with an older version, that is, like the one that my server has?

Is there an older version of OMEKA-S that can work with the version I have?

I will request hosting if we can update the MySQL version. But I see it complicated.

thanks for your help.


Omeka S requires that “utf8mb4” character set, which is only present in MySQL 5.5 and up, and current versions use additional features that require MySQL 5.6.

There’s no version of Omeka S that will work with MySQL 5.1.


Thanks for your help.

I have another server. This server I have the following configuration

cPanel Version 78.0 (build 49)
Apache Version 2.4.41
PHP 7.1 (ea-php71) (PDO, pdo_mysql, and xml extensions installed.)
MySQL Version 5.6.43. :nerd_face:

Now download the project again -omeka-s-2.1.2.zip- and it is in the path “http://educa.uidr.org/omeka/

But the folder where the code is hidden or cannot be accessed from the web.

Check the permissions and access but I can’t make it visible. I checked with the hosting administrator again and it tells me to check with the developer again.

I show you some screens.
I don’t understand why he does that?

What do you think?


Dear friend

I’m doing a test.
Copy the classic OMEKA project and everything is fine, I can see the project folder without problem.

I cannot understand why Project OMEKA S is not hidden.
What am I doing wrong?


I realize everyone’s just sending you back and forth but this really is a hosting question: we don’t have any control over whether the folder would be listed in that index. Maybe delete the folder and try unzipping it again? Or renaming the folder? I can’t really think of a good reason why it wouldn’t be listed other than the folder’s permissions (which you’re looking at already).

Dear amigo

That’s right, I can’t determine what happens.
But I am seeing something.
I can already see the folder where I intend to install.

this is the route

I click on the “omeka-s” folder
and send me to this address
and that folder “install” I don’t identify it. It is right?

in the path “http://educa.uidr.org/omeka/omeka-s/install

I don’t see any folder or install file

what do you think?


Complementing what I send you I tell you.
I already reviewed and validated the minimum requirements. I also made the configuration of the database and character type.


But I can’t move forward. The hosting administrator helped me.
What do you think?


That 404 is probably an issue of the “.htaccess” file or mod_rewrite. Is there a file .htaccess in the omeka-s folder? There should be one there and it’s necessary for Omeka to work.


Check the “omeka-s” folder but there is no file.

The “omeka-s-2.1.2.zip” is also not in the file that I download from hug

Where can I download it? or what should be inside?


The .htaccess file is in the Omeka S zip file. Since its name starts with a dot, it’s a “hidden” file on Mac, so you wouldn’t necessarily see it in the Finder without specifically enabling showing hidden files.

You’re right. The file was hidden.
I already passed it to the project.
put it in “educa.uidr.org/omeka/omeka-s

Anything else you need to review?
Why do you still send me to an “install” folder


It’s normal for Omeka S to redirect to “install” even though there is no folder named “install.” Omeka S uses “rewrite rules” to handle the URLs for the application, so they don’t map directly to files and folders.

If the .htaccess file is in place but you’re still getting that 404 error, then I’m sorry to say that it’s probably (again) a hosting issue: my best guess being that the server is just not reading the .htaccess file. That file, and the rewrite rules contained in it, are necessary for Omeka S to run.

I will say that, if I go to http://educa.uidr.org/omeka/ , I don’t see the “omeka-s” folder listed there.

It is very strange what happens.

I am realizing something.
Delete the archovo .file from the “OMEKA-S” folder and the folder appears and you can view it from the browser.

As you can see the file is no longer there.
now i’m going to copy the file again

when you consult the browser it disappears. or is not visible for any reason.

It’s very strange.
It drives me crazy. I’m already desperate.
Do you think the server is missing something? I already checked the requirements and I can’t find the problem.

What do you think?



I did a complete server overhaul on the minimum requirements.

This is the result.
/ usr / sbin / httpd -v
Server version: Apache / 2.4.41 (cPanel)
Server built: Dec 17 2019 22:02:30

Installed and active modules

mysql --version

root @ uidr [/ etc / httpd] # mysql --version
mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.6.43, for Linux (x86_64) using

All read and write permissions

But I can’t get the OMEKA-S Version to work

I no longer know what I can do with my resources.

A question. Can you upgrade from a classic OMEKA installation to OMEKA-S?


First off: no, you can’t upgrade from Omeka Classic to Omeka S, they’re separate. You can import your data from Classic into S using the “Omeka 2 Importer” module, but it’s not exactly an “upgrade.”

The “disappearing” folder doesn’t have anything to do with the minimum system requirements, I think. I’m really not sure why it’s happening. I’d think maybe the contents of the .htaccess file (did you change it at all), a higher-level .htaccess file, if there’s one at the root, or your Apache configuration probably are the source of the issue, but I’m not really sure what the particular problem is here.