Splash page or notification bar, popup, etc

Looking for an easy solution to create a splash page for an Omeka project - or at least a notification bar that would appear at the top of the homepage. We are building a “sneak preview” clone of a digital project to share with stakeholders before the launch, but want to remind everyone that it’s a preview, not the full project.

I know there’s the Site Message plugin, but it seems to have limited functionality.

Any suggestions? Thanks!


I was not aware of the plugin you mentioned, and it could provide a great extra feature for my Admin Tools plugin.

What are the functions missing in the Site Message plugin, in your opinion?

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Hi Daniele,
It’s just very large, with the text a bit awkwardly formatted - and there doesn’t seem to be a way to customize the size or text padding in the Plugin settings (you might be able to do this with CSS, but I didn’t feel like fooling with it…). It does allow you to change the background color and where it appears on the page, but nothing else