Spelling of Cities

Hello. I am just now noticing that if I conduct a search on “Ventura” in Omeka, the term does not come up, and that word is in a majority of our item records, as it is the city and county where my museum is located. I had noticed Ventura is always marked with that little red “misspelled” line underneath, but had not noticed that it is not searchable because it appears to not be correct spelling.

Has anyone else worked a way around this or a similar issue?



I don’t think the “misspelling” line is significant (unless your items are all misspelled in the sense that they don’t say “Ventura.”

When you say that “Ventura” is in the majority of your records, that could be the issue right there. The full-text search won’t return any results for terms present in 50% or more of records.

A super late Thank You! This makes sense to me now.

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