Sorting multiple values in a field?

In Omeka S you can drag and drop to sort fields for a resource template. However, you can’t do the same to sort multiple values in a field. This is problematic when you have a field like Subjects, with multiple values that you want to sort alphabetically. It becomes quite tedious to maintain an alphabetical sort over time.

Our specific use case is using DC hasPart field to link Music Score items to a Composer Item. We want the linked Music Scores to be listed alphabetically.

Would adding the ability to drag/drop values in a field be something that might be worth adding to core?

And/or would there be some PHP code that we could apply to the template file to have them sort alphabetically on the front end?


You can already drag and drop to reorder values in Omeka S 3.0.0 and up.

PHP-level sorting on display would also work, as a custom solution for older versions.

Oh! I didn’t realize that was in version 3. Thanks!

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