Sorting Exhibits

My Omeka project is one that displays my research and it combines my own work with that of my students. I’m trying to figure out a way to segment the sorting of all exhibits so that I can display those created by me and those created by my students so that visitors can see that I did this/they did that. I couldn’t figure out any obvious way to do that from the available documentation. I suspect this is a simple problem made more complex by my novice status. Thanks for any help you can offer!


It looks like the easiest way would be to use Simple Pages and the Exhibit plugin’s shortcode (untested):

[exhibits num=5 sort=owner_id order=a]

Further info:

…alternatively, in code, you can do the following (tested; uncomment featured if you only want featured exhibits displayed):
$exhibits = get_records('Exhibit', array(/*'featured' => true,*/'sort_field' => 'owner_id', 'sort_dir' => 'a'));