Sort Uploaded Files

I have many files with names numbered like this: name_0001.jpg, name_0002.jpg, name_0003.jpg, etc. If I upload them in groups, for example, the first twenty and save, then the next twenty and save, etc, then the numbered order of files gets mixed up and i have to reorder them manually by dragging them.

I read this other thread about a similar issue but there were plugins involved. I’m not using any plugins, just manually selecting each file one by one.

Which version of Omeka are you using?

Omeka Classic Version 2.8.

OK, thanks.

Some changes went in related to file order, but they’re in 2.8 already. I think this specific problem is probably just not addressed by those changes. What’s probably happening here is that we’re just not saving an explicit order for files as they’re added through that interface. Often (and especially for small numbers of files) the “natural” order that applies in that case is just the same as the order things were added in, but we’ve seen this occasionally, and usually with larger numbers of files.

I’ll look into making a change to fix this problem in future versions.


Great! Thank you. I also imagine it has something to do with adding large number of files.
I though that maybe I was doing something wrong but I’ll see if I can resolve this on the meantime with any plugins.

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