Sort by Date missing

The link to sort by Dublin Core date on item browse pages has disappeared from our site–I think with the last update. We are using the Seasons theme: It doesn’t look like the sort options are part of the css files, but maybe I’m missing it. Thank you!

If I’m remembering correctly, you were previously using a customized Seasons theme. Maybe that was one of your customizations?

It wouldn’t be CSS. The default sort options are just written into the items/browse view (and can also be changed by plugins). I don’t think the actual defaults have changed in a very long time, so I’d suspect a lost customization before anything else.

Thank you! Yes, it is a customized Seasons theme and the person who did the customization didn’t leave any records about what they did. Do you have any suggestions about what I would need to add (and where) to get the functionality back?

As I’ve been looking around, I noticed that the Seasons theme does not have a browse.php file in the Items folder. Is this correct?

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Ok, I found the browse.php file that was impacting the date sort function. It was in application/views/scripts/items.

Yes, when themes don’t have a file, the defaults from application/views/scripts are used.

You can copy that file into the theme and edit it. Editing it directly where it is also works, but will affect all themes and you’d have to remember not to overwrite it when doing future upgrades.