Sort by date issue

Is there a way to sort by Date Issued? I am adding newspapers to a collection, and not always chronologically. I would like the newspapers to sort so that if users browse the collection they see a list of items in chronological succession, not based on the date added to Omeka.

Thank you!

You can add sorting to the URL like this: items?sort_field=Dublin+Core,Date+Issued&sort_dir=a. That would make the usual browse page sort by Date Issued. In the navigation settings, you could create a new link to make that the usual browse page url.

Ok, thank you, I am willing to give that a try. Where exactly do I insert
that? Is it in the browse.php? If so, whereabouts does it go and do I
remove anything else? This is what I see related to “sort” in the
browse.php code:

<?php $sortLinks[__('Title')] = 'Dublin Core,Title'; $sortLinks[__('Creator')] = 'Dublin Core,Creator'; $sortLinks[__('Date Added')] = 'added'; ?>
<?php echo __('Sort by: '); ?><?php echo browse_sort_links($sortLinks); ?>

Won’t have to fiddle with the PHP at all. It’s just adding a new page under Appearance -> Navigation.

Ok, I think I got this to work to sort the Browse Items, but what I really want to happen is for it to sort by Date Issued in the items associated with specific collections. For example, I have a [newspaper collection] and am not always adding the papers sequentially due to requests for content from the public. I would like them to display by Date Issued within the specific collections because that makes more sense for the newspapers and is easier to browse. Does that make sense? Any direction would be appreciated.